MInDS@Mines Students Present Nine Posters at Annual C-MAPP Event and Win Poster Competition

Thu Jan 21, 2021

Four undergraduate and five graduate students presented their research at the virtual Computing-Mines Affiliates Partnership Program (C-MAPP).

PhD candidate Lodewijk Brand won the poster competition (out of twenty-three posters) for his research on COVID-19 clinical outcome prediction.

The MInDS@Mines students (degree, year) who presented at C-MAPP and their poster titles are:

  • Zoe Baker (BS, junior)
    • Poster Title: Scaling Linear and Kernel Support Vector Machines
  • Lodewijk Brand (PhD, candidate) – Poster Competition Winner
    • Poster Title: Simultaneous Imputation-Classification with Temporal Data for COVID-19 Clinical Outcome Prediction
  • Kane Bruce (BS, senior)
    • Poster Title: Lofting: Estimating Mineral Distribution with Convolutional GAN Models
  • Xianyu Li (PhD, student)
    • Poster Title: Learning Effective Diagnostic Intervals for Disease Progressions Using Two-Dimensional Longitudinal Lung Images
  • Lyujian Lu (PhD, candidate)
    • Poster Title: Predicting 3D Geospatial Data using Machine Learning-based Imputation Methods
  • Braedon O’Callaghan (BS, junior)
    • Poster Title: Task Balanced Multimodal Feature Selection to Identify Biomarkers Associated with Alzhiemer’s
  • Armand Ovanessians (BS, freshman)
    • Poster Title: Optimal Bipartite Graph for Predicting Protein Interaction Across SARS-CoV-2
  • Hoon Seo (PhD, student)
    • Poster Title: Learning Deeply Enriched Representations of Longitudinal Imaging-Genetic Data to Predict Alzhiemer’s Disease Progression
  • Zhennan Shi (MS, student)
    • Poster Title: Machine Learning Method can Handle Missing Data when Predicting a COVID-19 Disease Diagnosis