Hua Wang

Hua Wang is an Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science at Colorado School of Mines. He is also the co-director of the Data Science Program at Colorado School of Mines. His current research interests include machine learning and data mining, as well as their applications in medical image computing, health informatics, bioinformatics, computer vision, additive manufacturing, and cheminformatics. He is developing efficient algorithms with nice theoretical guarantees to solve practical problems involving large scale data.
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MS Students

BS Students

Armand Ovanessians
Benjamin Costa
Braedon O'Callaghan
Ibrohim Nosirov
Kane Bruce
Louis Miller
Lucia Saldana Barco
Noor Malik
Patrick Schassberger
Pouya Zakeri
Stephen Thoemmes
Zoe Baker


Kai Liu, PhD, 2019, First Stop: Assistant Professor @ Clemson University
Fei Han, PhD (Co-advised), 2018, First Stop: Applied Scientist @ Amazon Lab126
Sebastian Cabrol, MS, 2020
Daniela Machnik, MS, 2020
Narongchai Limpiyapirom, MS, 2020
Abbey Zorn, MS, 2020
Haoxuan Yang, MS, 2019
Saad Elbeleidy, MS, 2017
Derek Smith, MS, 2017
John Kelly, MS, 2015
Jinyu Yu, MS, 2015
Taylor Wacker, MS, 2014
Sponsored or Advised Undergraduate Research Assistants

2019~2020: Azam Abidjanov, Zoe Baker, Kane Bruce, Damien Churchwell, Amber Dannelley, Matthew Lynn-Goin, Madeline McKune, Victoria Messmore, Matthew Miller, Braedon O’Callaghan, Alyson Ranucci, Kyle Sadler, Patrick Schassberger, Grant Schmaedick, Joline Sikora, Anthony Sun and Brett Webb

2018~2019: Zoe Baker, Matthew Baldin, Damien Churchwell, Paul Comeau, Nick Klonne, Jacob Langfeldt, Hannah Lee, Madeline McKune, Matthew Miller, Kai Nichols, Benjamin Perkins, Daniel Renkert, and Abbey Zorn.

2017~2018: Paul Comeau, Matthew Miller, Kai Nichols, and David Rhine.